Bronchial artery embolization for hemoptysis (coughing blood)

Hemoptysis is the medical term for coughing up blood from the airways (respiratory tract) .It can result from various conditions like infections, lung diseases , or trauma. 

Grading Of Hemoptysis ( Coughing Blood)

Everything in life comes in grades , even wickedness. Simply put , hemoptysis can be mild ( not life threatening) or massive ( life threatening).

Of Course we are looking at the extremes , obviously there is always what is in-between the extremes , should we call it intermediate hemoptysis ? , why not ? , if you have a better name , let me know.

Massive hemoptysis (coughing blood)
Mild hemoptysis ( coughing blood)

Bronchial artery embolization involves inserting a catheter into the blood vessels supplying the lungs to block off bleeding vessels, effectively controlling and stopping the bleeding.

Bleeding blood vessels in the lungs ( red circle)

Bronchial artery embolization is a life saving procedure in cases of massive hemoptysis.

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