Liver Cancer Treatment

Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is the most common type of primary liver cancer.

I will share the treatment modalities under my expertise , these advanced treatments only target liver cancer , sparing the rest of the much needed normal liver.

Transarterial Chemoembolization ( TACE)

Transarterial : Through the artery , everything is done through a blood vessel ( artery) in the hand or thigh. Chemoembolisation : Chemo + Embolisation ; meaning your depositing cancer drugs into the tumor.

Here , a small tube ( catheter)  is tracked into the blood vessels feeding the liver cancer , and cancer killing drugs ( chemotherapy) directly injected into the cancer.

This kills the cancer , with minimal side effects since the cancer drug is taken directly to the tumor.
Schematic image showing a catheter tracked from a blood vessel in the thigh to reach the liver cancer , so that chemotherapy is put only into the tumor.
Liver cancer ( Black round area ) receiving cancer killing drugs ( chemotherapy) , the rest of the liver and body are spared.
The annotated image below should give more clarity to any  curious reader, the black round area ( green circle ) is the liver cancer that’s  being treated with drugs , the drugs come in as droplets ( purple arrows) from the tip of the microcatheter.
Transarterial chemoembolisation ( TACE) for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)

Transarterial Radioembolisation (TARE)

Here , a small tube (catheter)  is taken into blood vessel feeding the cancer , a special drug is injected directly into the cancer. This drug is very very very special, because once injected , it produces strong heat (radiation) that kills the tumor. This procedure can potentially cure the tumor , in selected patients.
A catheter is a small flexible tube that you can take anyway in the body , the part outside the body (arrow) is used to inject whatever you want.
A tiny tube / catheter ( white ) is taken into the blood vessel feeding the liver cancer , treatment is injected into the tumor directly.
A heat producing drug , this drug is injected only into liver cancer , to kill the cancer by heating , and is potentially curative in selected patients.

Below is actually what happens during radioembolisation , the two transparent boxes  contain the heat producing drug , this drug once selectively injected into the blood vessel supplying the cancer , heats and destroys the cancer.

Radioembolisation Procedure Set-up
Below is a big liver cancer ( blue circle) treated with transarterial radioembolisation.

At one month follow-up , the cancer is completely knocked out , done and dusted ! Before treatment, the cancer is alive (that is why it is whitish) , the cancer is dead after treatment, that’s why it appeared black.

Before treatment, the cancer is alive (that is why it is whitish) , the cancer is dead after treatment, that’s why it appeared black.

Microwave Ablation

Microwave is a new and amazing technology
By the way, some of you have modern microwave ovens in your homes for warming or cooking stuff , just know the modernity has extended to health care.

Microwave Ablation = Microwave ( source of heating energy) + Ablation (means to destroy)
A small needle (called microwave antenna) is safely inserted into a liver cancer , we usually use scans to safely position the needle.
The special needle (called microwave antenna) is then connected to some small “decorder” that produces heat at the needle tip , this heat kills the cancer beyond recognition, in just less than 5 minutes !

The “decorder” that produces microwave (heat) is actually called a microwave generator, I really have no issues with whoever named it so , because it generates the wonderful microwave (heat) that we use to extrajudicialy execute selected liver cancers, whilst sparing the rest of the normal liver.

A microwave needle ( antenna) , it is the black tip that destroys the cancer by heating.
Microwave needle ( antenna) connected to the microwave generator , you can see the green cable connecting the two.

Lets see a case of liver cancer (Hepatocellular Carcinoma ) treated with microwave ablation.

A scan showing liver cancer , the white area in the blue circle , a typical one where microwave shines
A Microwave needle ( antenna ) was positioned in the monster ( liver cancer ) , through a tiny hole in the skin.
The microwave needle ( antenna) positioned into the liver cancer , treatment done in just 6 minutes , patient discharged the same day , that is technology for you !
The liver cancer treatment options in our arsenal now only target liver cancer , for we have no issues with the rest of the much needed normal liver , they are sadly only available in the best centres across the world.

At, we are surely humbled to offer reasonable online education about the latest cancer treatments available in the world , and to offer them in our region.


Hepatocellular carcinoma ( HCC) is a cancer that starts in the liver , everyone MUST learn and re-learn that though this cancer is curable , IT FREQUENTLY REGROWS.

This calls for atleast 3 monthly follow-up , which can be financially and emotionally exhausting , we should be stoic in face of liver cancer.

Liver Cancer , Actually Any Cancer Is Curable If Adequately Treated Early.

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