Stroke Treatment

Stroke Thrombectomy , A Novel Way To Treat Stroke

Stroke is a complex issue , and optimal treatment requires root cause analysis.

Most strokes (more than 80%) are caused by a blood clot that blocks a blood vessel supplying the amazing brain.

The brain is life , it needs constant blood supply.

The cut off of blood supply to the brain (stroke) causes starvation to the affected brain part ( also know as brain ischemia ) , if blood flow is not timely restored , the starving brain is irreversibly damaged ( also know as brain infarction).

With advanced technology, we can now go into the brain with out opening the skull and remove the offending blood clots , on a good day , it’s actually a 5 to 20 minutes procedure !

Removing a blood clot from a vessel in the brain , also called Mechanical Thrombectomy is the latest ground breaking technological advancement in stroke care!

If your curious how we get into the brain without opening the skull , just note that the body is well interconnected through blood vessels, we can now move through a very tiny hole in a blood vessel in hand or groin and get to the brain , infact we can get to any body organ through blood vessels!
Removing A Clot From The Brain Of A Stroke Patient ( Mechanical Thrombectomy)
The technology required , skill and guts needed to do this makes it  unavailable in most parts of the world , including highly developed nations.

Not every hospital is capable of performing mechanical thrombectomy for stroke.

I offer mechanical thrombectomy to eligible stroke patients.

Unblocking narrowed blood vessels in the neck or brain , this is called Angioplasty.

On The Left ; Normal Neck Vessels , On The Right ; Narrowed Neck Vessel ( Black Arrow) Causing Reduced Blood Flow To The Brain ( Stroke).

Some elementary mathematics here ;

  1.  Angioplasty = Angio + Plasty .
  2.  Angio = Blood Vessel
  3. Plasty = Repair

Therefore Angioplasty is a fancy way of saying blood vessel repair.

Some strokes are caused by narrowing of  ;

  1. A blood vessel in the neck.
  2. Blood vessel inside the brain.

Through a very a very tiny hole in the groin or hand , these narrowed blood vessels can be opened up to re-establish blood flow to the brain.

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Clot busting injections ( Thrombolysis For Stroke)

A special drug is at times injected to dissolve the blood clot in the brain vessel .

But very few patients qualify for this , and not all clots can be dissolved.

There is a strict criteria for this , and even among those who qualify , the clot busting injection may not open the blocked blood vessel.

In most stroke centers across the globe , this treatment is a bridge therapy to mechanical thrombectomy.

Seal bleeding brain blood vessels in the event of brain bleeding ( Hemorrhagic Stroke)

This will fully be discussed on the brain aneurysm page.

Stroke interventions are very rewarding , and way offset the heavy price of not appropriately and timely treating stroke.

I will also strive to offer up-to-date modern stroke interventions that are at par with what is being offered in the best hospitals across the world .
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